Histological Characterization of Aldosterone-producing Adrenocortical Adenomas with Different Somatic Mutations

Yoshikiyo Ono, Yuto Yamazaki, Kei Omata, Tobias Else, Scott A. Tomlins, Yara Rhayem, Tracy Ann Williams, Martin Reincke, Tobias Carling, Silvia Monticone, Paolo Mulatero, Felix Beuschlein, Sadayoshi Ito, Fumitoshi Satoh, William E. Rainey, Hironobu Sasano

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Context: Aldosterone-producing adrenocortical adenomas (APAs) are mainly composed of clear (lipid rich) and compact (eosinophilic) tumor cells. The detailed association between these histological features and somatic mutations (KCNJ5, ATP1A1, ATP2B3, and CACNA1D) in APAs is unknown. Objective: To examine the association between histological features and individual genotypes in APAs. Methods: Examination of 39 APAs subjected to targeted next-generation sequencing (11 KCNJ5, 10 ATP1A1, 10 ATP2B3, and 8 CACNA1D) and quantitative morphological and immunohistochemical (CYP11B2 and CYP17A1) analyses using digital imaging software. Results: KCNJ5-and ATP2B3-mutated APAs had clear cell dominant features (KCNJ5: clear 59.8% [54.4-64.6%] vs compact 40.2% (35.4-45.6%), P =. 0022; ATP2B3: clear 54.3% [48.2-62.4 %] vs compact 45.7% (37.6-51.8 %), P =. 0696). ATP1A1-and CACNA1D-mutated APAs presented with marked intratumoral heterogeneity. A significantly positive correlation of immunoreactivity was detected between CYP11B2 and CYP17A1 in tumor cells of KCNJ5-mutated APAs (P =. 0112; ρ = 0.7237), in contrast, significantly inverse correlation was detected in ATP1A1-mutated APAs (P =. 0025; ρ = -0.8667). Conclusion: KCNJ5-mutated APAs, coexpressing CYP11B2 and CYP17A1, were more deviated in terms of zonation-specific differentiation of adrenocortical cells than ATP1A1-and ATP2B3-mutated APAs.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberdgz235
JournalJournal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jan 8


  • ATP1A1
  • ATP2B3
  • CYP11B2
  • KCNJ5
  • primary aldosteronism

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