Global heat transfer measurement in a hypersonic shock tunnel using temperature-sensitive

Kazuyuki Nakakita, Tatsuya Osafune, Keisuke Asai

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High-speed global heat flux measurement using Temperature-Sensitive Paint (TSP) was developed to apply research and development in a hypersonic shock tunnel. Heat flux acquisition rate on this study was 1kHz. This technique uses a lot of temperature increase images and can apply to measure unsteady aerodynamic heating. The key technologies were TSP layer thickness, high-speed high-A/D resolution CCD camera, and high-power excitation light source. Test model was made of Macod® to enlarge the surface temperature increase. Composition of TSP is Ru(phen)3+ as luminophore and polyacrylic acid as binder. Wind tunnel test was conducted in the NAL Hypersonic Shock Tunnel. Two types of the models, 2-dimensional cylinder and 3-dimensional wing-body configuration, were tested in Mach 10 hypersonic flow and heat flux caused by aerodynamic heating was measured. The results of 2-dimensional cylinder were compared with the conventional thin film thermocouple sensor data and CFD. Measured heat flux value and profile were quantitatively good agreement with those. The 3-dimensional wing-body model was tested on 2 cases of angle of attack. Measured heat flux profile around the shock-wave / shock-wave interaction region was good agreement with thin film thermocouple data. Measured heat flux data were also compared with pressure distribution measured by Pressure-Sensitive Paint (PSP).

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Event41st Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit 2003 - Reno, NV, United States
Duration: 2003 Jan 62003 Jan 9

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Other41st Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit 2003
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