Giant spin-orbit torque in a single ferrimagnetic metal layer

Simon Lenne, Yong Chang Lau, Ajay Jha, Gwenal Y.P. Atcheson, Roberto E. Troncoso, Arne Brataas, J. M.D. Coey, Plamen Stamenov, Karsten Rode

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Antiferromagnets and compensated ferrimagnets offer opportunities to investigate spin dynamics in the 'terahertz gap' because their resonance modes lie in the 0:3 THz to 3 THz range. Despite some inherent advantages when compared to ferromagnets, these materials have not been extensively studied due to difficulties in exciting and detecting the high-frequency spin dynamics, especially in thin films. Here we show that spin-orbit torque in a single layer of the highly spin-polarized compensated ferrimagnet Mn2RuxGa is remarkably efficient at generating spin-orbit fields μ0Heff, which approach 0:1 × 10-10Tm2/A in the low-current density limit-almost a thousand times the Oersted field, and one to two orders of magnitude greater than the effective fields in heavy metal/ferromagnet bilayers.

Original languageEnglish
JournalUnknown Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Mar 11

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