Gas-phase self-assembly of uniform silica nanostructures decorated and doped with silver nanoparticles

Chao Shun Lai, Yi Chen Chen, Hsiao Fang Wang, Hsin Chia Ho, Rong Ming Ho, De Hao Tsai

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We report a systematic study of the controlled gas-phase synthesis of silver-silica hybrid nanostructures (Ag-SiO2 NP) using the concept of evaporation-induced self-assembly. The approach includes the use of a direct gas-phase electrophoresis for size classification and in situ characterization of mobility size. Transmission electron microscopy and ultraviolet-visible light spectroscopy were employed complementarily to determine the morphology and surface plasmon resonance of Ag-SiO2 NP. Results show that two types of Ag-SiO2 NPs were successfully synthesized: (1) AgNPs decorated on a SiO2-NP (Ag-T-SiO2 NP), and (2) AgNPs doped in a cluster of SiO2-NPs (Ag-C-SiO2 NP). The physical size, morphology, and compositions of Ag-SiO2 NPs were tunable through the adjustments of precursor concentrations and the selected mobility sizes. The results also show that SPR performance, colloidal stability, and dispersibility of AgNPs enhanced significantly in an aqueous environment after the hybridization with SiO2-NP (especially for Ag-C-SiO2 NP). The results and corresponding methodology summarized here provide the proof of concept to fabricate high-purity AgNP-based hybrid nanostructures through gas-phase evaporation-induced self-assembly for future biomedical applications (e.g., hyperthermal therapy, targeted drug delivery, and antibacterial applications).

Original languageEnglish
Article number035602
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Jan 20
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  • aerosol
  • hybrid
  • nanoparticle
  • self-assembly
  • silica
  • silver
  • stability

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