Fourfold symmetric anisotropic magnetoresistance in half-metallic Co2MnSi Heusler alloy thin films

Mikihiko Oogane, Anthony P. McFadden, Yohei Kota, Tobias L. Brown-Heft, Masakiyo Tsunoda, Yasuo Ando, Chris J. Palmstrøm

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In this study, we systematically investigated the anisotropic magnetoresistance (AMR) effect in half-metallic Co2MnSi Heusler alloy films epitaxially grown by molecular beam epitaxy. The fourfold symmetric AMR was observed in the temperature range of 25-275 K. In addition, the films exhibited a marked change in twofold symmetric AMR below 100 K. This specific temperature dependence of the AMR effect in Co2MnSi films can be caused by the tetragonal crystal field because of the distortion of the lattice at low temperatures. The influence of tetragonal distortion on both the AMR effect and half-metallicity is also discussed by first-principles calculations.

Original languageEnglish
Article number063001
JournalJapanese journal of applied physics
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jun

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