Forensic autopsy of 'hardship' without a well-equipped, adequately staffed toxicological laboratory

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With a limited budget, it is difficult for our department to have a well-equipped toxicological laboratory with sufficient members of trained personnel. Alcohol levels in the body fluids and carbon monooxide levels in the blood are routinely measured using gas chromatography and UV spectrophotometer, respectively. Some drugs can be detected by the drug screening test on the market, such as Triage test(TM). When poisoning is certain in a criminal case, I entrust another forensic laboratory with analyzing. In some non-criminal cases, a clinical laboratory of a private company may be chosen. In other cases, however, the samples are only kept in a freezer. In case of outside order, a guideline to provide an adequate chain of custody will be necessary.

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JournalJapanese Journal of Legal Medicine
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Publication statusPublished - 1999 Dec 1

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