Flowfield induced by a second jet in a supersonic conical nozzle.

G. Masuya, N. Chinzei, S. Ishii, A. Murakami, T. Komuro

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The flowfield induced by secondary gas injection into a supersonic conical nozzle with 9.6SUP half-angle was investigated experimentally. Mach number and Reynolds number of the main stream at the injection point, without injection, were 2.1 and 7.0 x 10SUB6, respectively. Flow direction, Pitot peessure and cone surface pressure over a cross section, and nozzle wall static pressure were measured with the main point of interest being the downstream part of the injection port. Static pressure and Mach number distributions over a cross section were deduced from the Pitot and cone surface pressures. These distributions suggest that the flow downstream of the injection port is composed of three shock waves and five regions. Axial development of the flowfield and the effect of the stagnation pressure ratio of the secondary jet to the main stream on the flow structure were also investigated. Axial variations in the maximum value of the wall static pressure in cross sections were compared with the calculated pressure ratios behind the bow shock and its reflected wave. In addition, axially unsymmetric separation lines caused by secondary injection into an over-expanded nozzle flow are shown along with wall static pressure data. (A)

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 1976 Jan 1

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