Floating displacement-force conversion mechanism as a robotic mechanism

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To attach and detach permanent magnets with an operation force smaller than their attractive force, Internally-Balanced Magnetic Unit (IB Magnet) has been developed. The unit utilizes a nonlinear spring with an inverse characteristic of magnetic attraction to produce a balancing force for canceling the internal force applied on the magnet. This paper extends the concept of shifting the equilibrium point of a system with a small operation force to linear systems such as conventional springs. Aligning a linear system and its inverse characteristic spring in series enables a mechanism to convert displacement into force generated by a spring with theoretically zero operation force. To verify the proposed principle, the authors realized a prototype model of inverse characteristic linear spring with an uncircular pulley. Experiments showed that the generating force of a linear spring can be controlled by a small and steady operation force.

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Publication statusPublished - 2019 Jul 21

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