Fabrication of micro-fine spherical TiAl alloy powder by high-energy ball milling and radio frequency plasma spheroidization

Xin Lu, Chengcheng Liu, Langping Zhu, Xinbo He, Junjie Hao, Xuanhui Qu

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Micro-fine spherical TiAl alloy powder was prepared by high-energy ball milling and subsequent radio frequency plasma spheroidization from atomized TiAl alloy powder with big particle size. The fabrication process and powder characteristics were investigated. The results show that the obtained powder exhibits good sphericity. The number-average particle size of the powder can be accurately controlled in the range of 10~60 μm, and the powder presents a narrow size distribution with a uniformity level of about 0.63. The powder oxygen content acts as a decreasing function of the particle size, which increases from 2.44‰ to 3.51‰ when the number-average particle size decreases from 31.5 μm to 15.6 μm. The spherical TiAl alloy power is composed of α2-Ti3Al and a small amount of γ-TiAl. The powder possesses homogeneous chemical composition and uniform equiaxed grain microstructure, and the grain size tends to be refined with the decrease of the particle size.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1915-1920
Number of pages6
JournalXiyou Jinshu Cailiao Yu Gongcheng/Rare Metal Materials and Engineering
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Sep
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  • High-energy ball milling
  • Powder characteristics
  • Radio frequency plasma spheroidization
  • Spherical powder
  • TiAl alloy

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