Extraction Behavior of Sr (II) from High-Level Liquid Waste using Ionic Liquid Extraction System with DtBuCH18C6

Tadayuki Takahashi, Tatsuya Ito, Seong Yun Kim

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The extraction behavior of Sr(II) from high-level liquid waste (HLLW) has been investigated using 4',4'(5')-di-(tert-butyl cyclohexano)-18-crown-6 (DtBuCH18C6) as an extractant in combination with three types of ionic liquids, [Cnmim][NTf2] (n = 2,4,6) as solvents, where [Cnmim]+ is 1-alkyl-3-methylimidazolium and [NTf2]- is bis(trifluoromethylsulfonyl)amide. DtBuCH18C6 in the [Cnmim][NTf2] system can be used as a good choice for matching, and a higher DSr can be achieved. Within the acidity range studied, the DSr follows the order of [C2mim][NTf2] > [C4mim][NTf2] > [C6mim][NTf2]. In their extraction systems, DSr decreases with increasing concentration of HNO3 in the aqueous phase. Thermodynamic parameters for the extraction of Sr(II) tested elements were calculated using the Van't Hoff equation, showing that the reaction is spontaneous and exothermic. Existence of inorganic salts such as KNO3 usually reduces ESr for all systems, and the decreasing degree is much larger than that of NaNO3. The extraction systems exhibited high extraction efficiency and high selectivity for Sr(II) from simulated HLLW containing 25 typical elements and 2M HNO3. From the results, the DtBuCH18C6 in [Cnmim][NTf2] system may provide an alternative for extraction of Sr(II) under HLLW conditions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)170-177
Number of pages8
JournalEnergy Procedia
Publication statusPublished - 2017
Event5th International Symposium on Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems, INES-5 2016 - Tokyo, Japan
Duration: 2017 Oct 312017 Nov 2


  • Crown ether
  • Extraction
  • High-level liquid waste (HLLW)
  • Ionic liquid
  • Strontium

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