Experimental techniques and performance of Λ-hypernuclear spectroscopy with the (e, eK+) reaction

Toshiyuki Gogami, C. Chen, Y. Fujii, O. Hashimoto, Masashi Kaneta, D. Kawama, T. Maruta, A. Matsumura, Sho Nagao, Satoshi Nakamura, Y. Okayasu, J. Reinhold, L. Tang, K. Tsukada, S. A. Wood, L. Yuan

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The missing-mass spectroscopy of Λ hypernuclei via the (e, eK+) reaction has been developed through experiments at JLab Halls A and C in the last two decades. For the latest experiment, E05-115 in Hall C, we developed a new spectrometer system consisting of the HKS and HES; resulting in the best energy resolution (∆E ≃ 0.5-MeV FWHM) and BΛ accuracy (∆BΛ ≤ 0.2 MeV) in Λ-hypernuclear reaction spectroscopy. This paper describes the characteristics of the (e, eK+) reaction compared to other reactions and experimental methods. In addition, the experimental apparatus, some of the important analyses such as the semi-automated calibration of absolute energy scale, and the performance achieved in E05-115 are presented.

Original languageEnglish
JournalUnknown Journal
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Sep 17

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