Experimental progress in hypernuclear physics

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Recent experimental progress of hypernuclear physics is reviewed. Detailed level structure of various p-shell Λ hypernuclei has been investigated by γ-ray spectroscopy with Hyperball and an Nal counter array, and the strengths of all the spin-dependent components of the ΛN interaction have been determined. The (e,e′K+) reaction has been successfully introduced to hypernuclear spectroscopy at Jefferson Laboratory with a resolution better than 1 MeV .(FWHM). The first experiment with the (π-, K-) reaction was carried out at KEK to produce neutron-rich hypernuclei. Double hypernuclear events interpreted as 4ΛΛH were observed by detecting two π-'s from sequential weak decay. In an emulsion-counter hybrid experiment, a double Λ hypernucleus 6ΛΛ He was observed and the strength of the ΛΛ interaction was unambiguously derived. A series of KEK experiments studying weak decays of 5Λ He and Λ12C have solved the so-called Γn/ Γp ratio puzzle.

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JournalProgress of Theoretical Physics Supplement
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