Endocrine tumor

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Endocrine tumor occurs in endocrine organs which in general synthesize and secrete hormones. Endocrine tumors produce and secrete hormones produced and secreted in putative tissues and/or cells of origin, or hormones which may be produced and secrete de novo as a result of neoplastic transformation of these cells. Therefore, the analysis of tumor markers in endocrine tumors is usually performed by measuring the levels of these hormones or their precursors and/or metabolites as accurately as possible in serum or urine. The purpose of the analysis may be summarized as follows: 1) early detection of endocrine neoplasms including challenge or loading tests; 2) definitive diagnosis and/or prediction of clinical course and/or prognosis of the patients mainly using immunohistochemistry of the resected specimens: and 3) early detection of recurrence of the tumor through analyzing the serum and/or urinary hormones or their metabolites levels.

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