Enamel fluoride uptake from mouthrinse solutions with different NaF concentrations

Daisuke Inaba, Koji Kawasaki, Youichi Iijima, Nobuhiro Taguchi, Hideaki Hayashida, Tadashi Yoshikawa, Reiko Furugen, Emiko Fukumoto, Takashi Nishiyama, Keiko Tanaka, Okiuji Takagi

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Objectives: The influence on enamel fluoride uptake of reducing the NaF concentration of a mouthrinse solution by half, from 0.05-0.025%, was examined in elementary school children. Methods: The participatory elementary school had employed school-based fluoride mouthrinse with 0.05% NaFsolution since 1983, and in 1993, the NaF content was lowered to 0.025%. Dental examination and enamel biopsy of maxillary central incisors were performed just before the NaF content reduction for children who had received the daily 0.05% NaF mouthrinse for 2-5 years since 6 years of age. During 1993-95, dental examination and enamel biopsy were undertaken for newly enrolled 6-year-old children, and the same subjects were re-examined after 2 years. The same series of examinations were conducted for the control group, which consisted of children belonging to another elementary school without a fluoride program. Results: The enamel fluoride concentration of 8-year-old children who used the 0.025% NaF mouthrinse for 2 years was 1810 ± 535 ppm, reaching the same order as that in children who continued using the 0.05% NaF mouthrinse (1863 ± 1358 ppm), and was significantly higher than that of children without fluoride programs (1113 ± 303 ppm). There was no considerable increase of mean DMFT values due to the NaF content reduction. Conclusions: It was concluded that a daily 0.025% NaF mouthrinse provides the similar fluoride content for enamel as 0.05% NaF mouthrinse as long as the rinsing frequency is maintained.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)248-253
Number of pages6
JournalCommunity Dentistry and Oral Epidemiology
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2002 Aug


  • Enamel biopsy
  • Fluoride uptake
  • Mouthrinse
  • School children
  • Sodium fluoride

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