Efficacy of TMS-19-Q·GC tablet on superficial suppurative skin infections

Yasuo Tanita, Setsuya Aiba, Hachiro Tagami

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The efficacy and safety of TMS-19-Q·GC tablet were evaluated in the treatment of superficial suppurative skin diseases. The patients with folliculitis, furuncle, bacterial paronychia, erysipelas and infectious atheroma were selected as the subjects for this study among in- and outpatients of Department of Dermatology, Tohoku University, School of Medicine Hospital from May 1982 to August 1982. The patients were given TMS-19-Q·GC tablet in a daily dose of 600 mg (3 divided dose) before every meal. In order to evaluate the efficacy of the drug, observation of changes in clinical symptoms, bacteriological examination using pus or bloody effusion, and determination of minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of this drug were performed. Further, to clarify the safety of this drug, the peripheral blood examination, hepatic function test, renal function test and urinalysis were conducted before and after administration of the drug. As a result, the clinical symptoms were improved in 8 of 11 cases. No abnormal findings were noted in the laboratory examinations except for 1 case whose bilirubin level rose slightly following the medication.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)471-473
Number of pages3
Publication statusPublished - 1984 Jan

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