Effects of heat exposure and restricted feeding on behavior, digestibility and growth hormone secretion in goats

Takuji Hirayama, Kazuo Katoh

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    Heat stress is known to affect physiological systems in goats. This study investigated changes in nutrient digestibility, behavior and growth hormone secretion among goats in a hot environment (H; 35±1.2°C, [RH] 80±7.2%, 13 d), and in a thermoneutral environment (T; 20±0.6°C, [RH] 80±3.4%, 20 d), and accompanied by the same restricted diet as provided in the hot environment. The following results were obtained: rectal temperature and water intake were higher in the H treatment than in the T treatment or TR treatment, while hay consumption was lower. CP, NDF and ADF digestibility was highest in H treatment. Time spent eating in the H treatment was also the highest, followed in order by T treatment and TR treatment. Ruminating time was lower in H treatment than in T treatment or TR treatment, and reposing time was highest in the TR treatment. Growth hormone concentrations in T increased 4.5 h after feeding. In H, growth hormone concentrations increased 0.5 h after feeding. However, growth hormone concentrations were not changed following TR feeding. In conclusion, heat exposure in goats decreased feed intake, but increased digestibility. However, when goats in a thermoneutral environment received the same restricted feeding as they received in the hot environment, digestibility increased. Between the H treatment and TR treatment, the changes in digestibility were accomplished by coordinate changes in hormone secretion in order to maintain body homeostasis. To maintain energy balance under a hot temperature or a restricted feeding condition, goats may control their metabolism by changing growth hormone release.

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    Pages (from-to)655-658
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    JournalAsian-Australasian Journal of Animal Sciences
    Issue number5
    Publication statusPublished - 2004 May


    • Feed Restriction
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    • Goat
    • Heat Stress

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