Effects of Cycloartenol on Absorption and Serum Levels of Cholesterol in Rats

Ikuo Ikeda, Katsuko Nakashima-Yoshida, Michihiro Sugano

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The possibility that cycloartenol magnifies the hypocholes-terolemic effect of β-sitosterol was studied in two strains of rats fed on cholesterol-enriched (0.5%) diets. Cycloartenol was added to diets containing 1.0% or 0.5% β-sitosterol at the 0.05% level and to diet free of plant sterol at the 0.5% level. In one experiment, diets included sodium cholate (0.125%). Due to the potent hypocholesterolemic efficacy of fi-sitosterol under the present dietary regimens, no clear additional effect (so-called synergistic effect) of cycloartenol was observed. However, in the experiment using Wistar rats, the decrease in serum apo A-I due to feeding cholesterol was ameliorated more effectively in combination with β-sitosterol than with β-sitosterol alone. The hepatic deposition of cholesterol was mitigated by dietary β-sitosterol, and further, although slightly, by a combination of β-sitosterol and cycloartenol, except in the experiment with diets containing sodium cholate. Fecal excretion of neutral and acidic steroids was not meaningly magnified by cycloartenol. Cycloartenol itself was not as effective as β-sitosterol in mitigating lipid disorders due to dietary cholesterol. The rate of appearance of cholesterol in the thoracic duct lymph was not interfered with further by a combination of β-sitosterol and cycloartenol compared to β-sitosterol alone. This tri-methylsterol was absorbed at a rate approximately 4-fold higher than that of β-sitosterol, though much lower compared to cholesterol. These results suggest a preference for cycloartenol in cholesterol dynamics. However, cycloartenol seems unlikely to influence cholesterol absorption in the small intestine.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)375-384
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of nutritional science and vitaminology
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1985
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  • cholesterol absorption
  • cycloartenol
  • hypocholesterolemic agent
  • β-sitosterol

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