Effect of human leukemia inhibitory factor on in vitro development of parthenogenetic bovine morulae

Y. Fukui, T. Saito, A. Miyamoto, H. Yamashina, Y. Okamoto

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    The present study was conducted to investigate the effect of human leukemia inhibitory factor (hLIF) addition to synthetic oviduct fluid medium (SOFM) supplemented with human serum (HS) on the development of in vitro matured and parthenogenetically activated bovine oocytes. The oocytes matured for 30 h were exposured to ethanol (7%, 7 min) and cytochalasin B (5 μg/ml, 5 to 6 h). The treated oocytes were cultured for 5 d in SOFM supplemented with HS, and Day-5 morulae were cultured for 2 d in SOFM supplemented with HS and with or without hLIF (5000 U/ml) to investigate the subsequent in vitro development to the blastocyst stage. Of the 1531 oocytes that were parthenogenetically activated, 592 (37.5%) cleaved to the 2- to 8-cell stage and 174 (13.8%) developed to the morula stage. The addition of hLIF at the morula stage resulted in a significantly (P<0.01) higher rate of development to the blastocyst stage in the medium with hLIF (55.9%) than without hLIF (28.9%). The mean cell number per blastocyst developed in the medium with hLIF was also significantly (P<0.01) higher than that developed in the medium without hLIF. To evaluate the viability, 6 parthenogenetically developed blastocysts were transferred to 3 recipient heifers (2 embryos per heifer), while in 2 other recipient heifers estrus was prolonged after transfer. The plasma progesterone levels of the 2 recipient heifers at the 28th day after transfer were 8.1 ng/ml and 9.0 ng/ml, but pregnancy was not observed by ultrasonic scanning. The present results indicate that the addition of hLIF to in vitro-produced, Day-5 parthenogenetic bovine morulae significantly improves the subsequent development to the blastocysts stage; however, the present method still does not promote for development of parthenogenetic fetuses in cattle.

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    Publication statusPublished - 1994


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    • parthenogenetic development

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