Economics and the Convention on Biodiversity: Financial Incentives for Encouraging Biodiversity in Nagoya

Ryo Kohsaka

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As the number of urban residents increases globally, the owners of private land and facilities are becoming key stakeholders in the conservation of biological diversity. Because of this realization Nagoya, Japan has developed amandatory policy framework (System of Greening Area) and a voluntary accompanying certification tool called the 'Greenification Certificate System' that require and encourage the involvement of private landowners in the protection and enhancement of biodiversity in the city. The 'Greenification Certificate System' evaluates the 'green credentials' of development proposals from three different environmental perspectives, including the cover and maintenance of trees, the greening of roofs and walls in addition to the commitment of the owner to maintain the green space in the interests of biodiversity. Based on these evaluations, local and regional banks offer loans at preferential interest rates to landowners as an incentive to create a high quality environment. The System of Greening Area framework and the Greenification Certificate System, which have been in operation since 2008, remain experimental in the sense that there has been only a few applications under the latter. This chapter examines the background of both schemes and suggests improvements that are needed to make them more effective.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationUrban Biodiversity and Design
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Publication statusPublished - 2010 Apr 16


  • Economics and convention on biodiversity - encouraging biodiversity in Nagoya
  • Global problems in the urban environment
  • Global trends in growth and economics
  • Greenification Certificate System - making provision for green space
  • National and local measures, environmental protection and enhancement measures in Japan
  • Overview of the system of greening area in Nagoya
  • Policy in Nagoya - status and trend of green areas
  • System of greening area - reducing loss of green areas

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