Ecdysone signaling regulates specification of neurons with a male-specific neurite in Drosophila

Binglong Zhang, Kosei Sato, Daisuke Yamamoto

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    Some mAL neurons in the male brain form the ipsilateral neurite (ILN[+]) in a manner dependent on FruBM, a male-specific transcription factor. FruBM represses robo1 transcription, allowing the ILN to form. We found that the proportion of ILN[+]-mALs in all observed single cell clones dropped from ?90% to ?30% by changing the heat-shock timing for clone induction from 4-5 days after egg laying (AEL) to 6-7 days AEL, suggesting that the ILN[+]-mALs are produced predominantly by young neuroblasts. Upon EcR-A knockdown, ILN[+]-mALs were produced at a high rate (?60%), even when heat shocked at 6-7 days AEL, yet EcR-B1 knockdown reduced the proportion of ILN[+]-mALs to ?30%. Immunoprecipitation assays in S2 cells demonstrated that EcR-A and EcR-B1 form a complex with FruBM. robo1 reporter transcription was repressed by FruBM and ecdysone counteracted FruBM. We suggest that ecdysone signaling modulates the FruBM action to produce an appropriate number of male-type neurons.

    Original languageEnglish
    Article numberbio029744
    JournalBiology Open
    Issue number2
    Publication statusPublished - 2018


    • Circuit remodeling
    • Courtship behavior
    • Metamorphosis
    • Sexual dimorphism
    • The fruitless gene

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