Development of HDR/Hot Water Interaction Simulator

Yi Wang, Katsuto Nakatsuka, Noriyoshi Tsuchiya, Nakamichi Yamasaki, Hideaki Takahashi

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A simulator has been developed to study HDR (Hot Dry Rock)/hot water interaction. This system mainly consists of center autoclave, preheat autoclave and diaphragm tank. The center autoclave is the one of fluidized tank reactor, and is designed for modeling of geothermal reservoir. Preheat autoclave and diaphragm tank are used for preparing experimental solution of various condition. The highest operative temperature is 400°C, the highest operative pressure 40MPa, and the flow rate range among 0.1-1.0ml/min. Five separate heaters around the center autoclave are controlled independently to achieve a desired temperature gradient. A preliminary test was carried out successfully with granite samples. The temperature distributions in the center autoclave along flow path could be controlled using the five heaters, and that hot water could pass through the granite samples in the center autoclave with given temperature range (275°C-350°C). The flow rate and pressure also could be controlled in planned range. Accordingly, the interaction of rock and hot water in subsurface of 1000m to 4000m depth can be simulated in laboratory using this apparatus.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)17-25
Number of pages9
Journaljournal of the geothermal research society of japan
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1996 Jan

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