Development and application of a tender X-ray ptychographic coherent diffraction imaging system on BL27SU at SPring-8

Masaki Abe, Fusae Kaneko, Nozomu Ishiguro, Togo Kudo, Takahiro Matsumoto, Takaki Hatsui, Yusuke Tamenori, Hiroyuki Kishimoto, Yukio Takahashi

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Ptychographic coherent diffraction imaging (CDI) allows the visualization of both the structure and chemical state of materials on the nanoscale, and has been developed for use in the soft and hard X-ray regions. In this study, a ptychographic CDI system with pinhole or Fresnel zone-plate optics for use in the tender X-ray region (2-5 keV) was developed on beamline BL27SU at SPring-8, in which high-precision pinholes optimized for the tender energy range were used to obtain diffraction intensity patterns with a low background, and a temperature stabilization system was developed to reduce the drift of the sample position. A ptychography measurement of a 200 nm thick tantalum test chart was performed at an incident X-ray energy of 2.500 keV, and the phase image of the test chart was successfully reconstructed with approximately 50 nm resolution. As an application to practical materials, a sulfur polymer material was measured in the range of 2.465 to 2.500 keV including the sulfur K absorption edge, and the phase and absorption images were successfully reconstructed and the nanoscale absorption/phase spectra were derived from images at multiple energies. In 3 GeV synchrotron radiation facilities with a low-emittance storage ring, the use of the present system will allow the visualization on the nanoscale of the chemical states of various light elements that play important roles in materials science, biology and environmental science.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1610-1615
Number of pages6
JournalJournal of Synchrotron Radiation
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Sept 1


  • CDI
  • ptychographic coherent diffraction imaging
  • sulfur materials
  • tender X-rays

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  • Radiation
  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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