Demonstration of flying mirror with improved efficiency

Alexander S. Pirozhkov, Masaki Kando, Timur Zh Esirkepov, Yuji Fukuda, Li Ming Chen, Izuru Daito, Koichi Ogura, Takayuki Homma, Yukio Hayashi, Hideyuki Kotaki, Akito Sagisaka, Michiaki Mori, James K. Koga, Tetsuya Kawachi, Hiromitsu Kiriyama, Hajime Okada, Keigo Kawase, Takashi Kameshima, Nobuyuki Nishimori, Eugene N. RagozinAnatoly Ya Faenov, Tatiana A. Pikuz, Toyoaki Kimura, Toshiki Tajima, Hiroyuki Daido, Yoshiaki Kato, Sergei V. Bulanov

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    A strongly nonlinear wake wave driven by an intense laser pulse can act as a partially reflecting relativistic mirror (the flying mirror) [S. V. Bulanov, et al. Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, No. 6, 9 (1991); S. V. Bulanov, et al., Phys Rev. Lett. 91, 085001 (2003)]. Upon reflection fi'om such mirror, a counter-propagating optical-fi'equency laser pulse is directly converted into high-fi'equency radiation, with a fi'cquency multiplication factor ∼ 4y2 (the double Doppler effect). We present the results of recent experiment in which the photon number in the reflected radiation was at least several thousand times larger than in our proof-of-principle experiment [M. Kando, et al., Phys Rev. Lett. 99, 135001 (2007); A. S. Pirozhkov, et al., Phys Plasmas 14, 123106 (2007)]. The flying mirror holds promise of generating intense coherent ultrashort XUV and x-ray pulses that inherit their temporal shape and polarization from the original optical-frequency (laser) pulses. Furthermore, the reflected radiation bears important information about the reflecting wake wave itself, which can be used for its diagnostics.

    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationLaser-Driven Relativistic Plasmas Applied to Science, Industry and Medicine - The 2nd International Symposium
    Number of pages11
    Publication statusPublished - 2009
    Event2nd International Symposium on Laser-Driven Relativistic Plasmas Applied to Science, Industry and Medicine - Kyoto, Japan
    Duration: 2009 Jan 192009 Jan 23

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    Other2nd International Symposium on Laser-Driven Relativistic Plasmas Applied to Science, Industry and Medicine


    • Coherent x-ray source
    • Relativistic flying mirror

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