Crossmodal attention between vision and touch in temporal order judgment task

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Four experiments investigated the effects of cross-modal attention between vision and touch in temporal order judgment tasks combined with spatial cueing paradigm. In Experiment 1, two vibrotactile stimuli with simultaneous or successive onsets were presented bimanually to the left and right index fingers and participants were asked to judge the temporal order of the two stimuli. The tactile stimuli were preceded by a spatially uninformative visual cue. Results indicated that shift of spatial attention yielded by visual cueing resulted in the modulation of accuracy of the subsequent tactile temporal order judgment. However, this cueing effect disappeared when participants judged simultaneity of the two stimuli, instead of their temporal order (Experiment 2) or when the cue lead time between the visual cue and the stimuli was relatively long (Experiment 3). Experiment 4 replicated an effect of crossmodal attention on the direction of visual illusory line motion induced by a somatosensory cue (Shimojo, Miyauchi, & Hikosaka, 1997). These results demonstrate that substantial crossmodal links exist between vision and touch for covert exogenous orienting of attention.

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  • Crossmodal attention
  • Spatial attention orienting
  • Tactile perception
  • Temporal order judgment
  • Visual cuing

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