Correction to: Static and Dynamic Magnetic Properties of Single-Crystalline Yttrium Iron Garnet Films Epitaxially Grown on Three Garnet Substrates (Advanced Electronic Materials, (2018), 4, 7, (1800106), 10.1002/aelm.201800106)

Takuya Yoshimoto, Taichi Goto, Kei Shimada, Bungo Iwamoto, Yuichi Nakamura, Hironaga Uchida, Caroline A. Ross, Mitsuteru Inoue

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Adv. Electron. Mater. 2018, 4, 1800106. DOI: 10.1002/aelm.201800106 In the above article, the values of the wavenumber and wavelength of the spin wave were incorrect (smaller and larger than correct values by 2π, respectively), therefore the spin-wave spectroscopy and the damping parameter calculated from the wavenumber and wavelength were also incorrect. As a result, five sentences, Figures and, and Table in the article should be amended as follows. In addition, the sign in Equation 8 was incorrect. This correction increased the difference between the two damping factors αSW and αFMR shown in new Figure b, but the reason is still unknown. The authors apologize for any inconvenience caused. 3 (Figure presented.) a) Optical micrograph of the CPWs fabricated on SGGG/YIG. The CPW consists of Ti/Au, and the distance between two CPWs was 64 µm. b) Color-coded SWS data for SWs propagating in the three samples with CPWs having a distance of 64 µm. Insertion losses of the SW device at f = 4 GHz were subtracted from the raw transmission spectra. The value of σ shows the standard deviation of transmission: 0.15 dB, 1.51 dB, and 1.42 dB for GGG/YIG, SGGG /YIG, and NGG/YIG, respectively. Solid orange lines show the FV SW dispersion curve calculated considering magnetic anisotropy. 4 (Figure presented.) a) FMR linewidth as a function of frequency f for YIG on each substrate. The equations used in the fitting of ΔH were [(0.780 ± 0.038) × 10–9Oe/Hz]fFMR + (3.975 ± 0.016) Oe for GGG/YIG, [(0.616 ± 0.164) × 10–9Oe/Hz]fFMR + (12.155 ± 0.695) Oe for SGGG/YIG, and [(0.782 ± 0.119) × 10–9Oe/Hz]fFMR + (4.434 ± 0.443) Oe for NGG/YIG. b) Damping factor of YIG films estimated from the attenuation length and FMR measurement. The plotted data were obtained from the attenuation length. The straight lines show the damping factors obtained from FMR measurement. The colored region indicates the standard deviation. Summary of material parameters of fabricated YIG films (the value after ± is the standard deviation) (Table presented.) A sentence in the Abstract should read: “YIG grown on NGG showed the smallest out-of-plane effective anisotropy field of 1080 Oe among the three samples because of its larger magnetoelastic anisotropy contribution and its damping parameter was 8.2 × 10–4.” A sentence in the final paragraph of Section 3.1 should read: “In this calculation, the measured θCS and d were used, the value of k was taken as 0.70 µm–1 (wavelength λSW = 8.92 µm), and the other parameters were set to the values used in the calculation of HA Stat.” A sentence in the final paragraph of Section 3.2 should read: “The damping parameters αSW at f = 4 GHz obtained from the attenuation length were 5.7 × 10–4± 2.1 × 10–5, 2.4 × 10–4± 9.4 × 10–5, and 8.2 × 10–4± 3.0 × 10–4 for GGG/YIG, SGGG/YIG, and NGG/YIG, respectively.” A sentence in the fourth paragraph of Section 5 should read: “The lowest-order SWs excited by the fabricated CPWs have a wavenumber of k = 2π/λSW = 0.70 µm–1 (wavelength λSW = 8.92 µm), which was calculated by using simulation software (CST Microwave Studio 2016) using the finite integration technique.” A sentence in the final paragraph of Section 5 should read: “The maximum of the excitation spectra (k = 0.70 µm–1) is the wavenumber for which SWs are most prominently excited by the CPW.” Equation 8 should read (Formula presented.).

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