Concentration dependence of VUV-UV-visible luminescence of Nd 3+ and Gd 3+ in LuLiF 4

J. Martincik, M. Nikl, S. Ishizu, A. Baratova, T. Cechak, K. Fukuda, T. Suyama, A. Beitlerova, A. Yoshikawa

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The research and development of new VUV scintillators includes also LuLiF4 single crystals doped by Nd 3+. Due to their lower light yield, the Gd 3+ codoping is studied as a tool to improve an energy transfer from the host to Nd 3+ emission centers and increase the light yield consequently. Emission spectra and decays with respect to the different concentration of Gd and Nd ions are studied and discussed as well.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6200902
Pages (from-to)2188-2192
Number of pages5
JournalIEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
Issue number5 PART 2
Publication statusPublished - 2012


  • Energy transfer
  • fluorides
  • rare-earth doping
  • scintillator

ASJC Scopus subject areas

  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Nuclear Energy and Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering

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