Comparison of ipsilateral activation between right and left handers: A functional MR imaging study

Laxmi N. Singh, Shuichi Higano, Syouki Takahashi, Noriko Kurihara, Susumu Furuta, Hajime Tamura, Yoshihisa Shimanuki, Shunji Mugikura, Toshikatsu Fujii, Atsushi Yamadori, Maya Sakamoto, Shogo Yamada

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WE used fMRI to compare the ipsilateral activation in the sensorimotor region (SMR) during dominant and non-dominant hand motor tasks between right and left handers. In right handers, the ipsilateral activation was significantly greater during non-dominant (left) hand task than dominant (right) hand task, while in left handlers, it showed no significant difference. The ipsilateral activation was most pronounced in the precentral subregion (presumably corresponding to the premotor area) during either hand task in both groups. We conclude that the different patterns of ipsilateral activation might be mainly explained by the hemispheric dominance. The skill of the hand and complexity of tasks may ne related to the predominant activation of the premotor area.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1861-1866
Number of pages6
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 1998 Jun 1


  • Cerebral dominance
  • Handedness
  • Hemispheric dominance
  • Ipsilateral activation
  • Motor function
  • Precentral gyrus
  • Premotor area
  • Primary motor area
  • Sensorimotor region
  • fMRI

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