Collision-energy-resolved Penning ionization electron spectroscopy of styrene, 2-vinylpyridine, and 4-vinylpyridine with He*(23S) metastable atoms

Masakazu Yamazaki, Naoki Kishimoto, K. Ohno

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Collisional ionization of styrene (phenylethylene), 2-vinylpyridine, and 4-vinylpyridine with metastable He*(23S) atoms were studied by means of collision-energy/electron-energy resolved two-dimensional Penning ionization electron spectroscopy. Collision energy dependence of partial ionization cross-sections, which reflects the anisotropic interactions between a He*(23S) atom and the target molecules, indicates that attractive interaction for the out-of-plane access of a He*(2 3S) atom to phenyl group is stronger than that for the out-of-plane access to vinyl group. Moreover, it was found for vinylpyridines that the attractive interaction around π electrons became weaker than that for styrene, and that the attractive interaction for the in-plane access to the nitrogen atom is stronger than that for out-of-plane π-directions. However, in 2-vinylpyridine, the hydrogen atom of vinyl group prevents a He*(2 3S) atom from approaching to the nitrogen atom along in-plane directions, and thus the attractive interactions around the nitrogen atom were shielded by the vinyl group. The experimentally observed anisotropic interactions were qualitatively supported with ab initio model interaction potential calculations between a Li (He*(23S)) atom and the target molecule. Concerning with electronic structures of investigated molecules, the assignment of Penning ionization electron spectrum for 4-vinylpyridine was discussed on the basis of different behavior of collision-energy dependence of partial ionization cross-sections, and the satellite ionization band in Penning ionization electron spectra was also reported for styrene.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)47-57
Number of pages11
JournalEuropean Physical Journal D
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Apr 1

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