Clinical profiles for seizure remission and developmental gains after total corpus callosotomy

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Purpose: This study was aimed to determine what preoperative profiles were associated with seizure remission after corpus callosotomy and whether such seizure outcome was associated with the postoperative developmental outcome. Methods: This retrospective study included 26 consecutive patients with childhood onset epilepsy who underwent one-stage total corpus callosotomy at our institution and were followed up for a minimum of 1 year. The age at surgery ranged from 13 months to 32 years (median 6 years). The association between postoperative seizure freedom and preoperative profiles, post-operative developmental gains was examined. Results: Five patients achieved seizure freedom (Engel class I), and 10 patients achieved worthwhile reduction of seizures (class III), whereas the remaining patients had a class IV outcome. All five seizure-free patients had "lack of abnormal magnetic resonance imaging findings", "lack of proven etiology of seizures", and underwent "surgery at age 6 years or younger". These three factors were associated with seizure freedom (p < 0.05, Fisher exact test). Post-operative gains in developmental quotient were significantly better in patients with seizure freedom than in those without (p < 0.05, Mann Whitney U test). Conclusion: Our study replicated the notion that seizure remission can be achieved after total corpus callosotomy in subsets of patients with medically-uncontrolled epilepsy, and suggested that a better developmental outcome can be expected in patients benefiting from seizure freedom.

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  • Corpus callosotomy
  • Development
  • Generalized epilepsy
  • Infantile spasms
  • Pediatric epilepsy
  • Seizure outcome

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