Charge ordering and ferromagnetic transition in single-crystal Eu 4As3

Akira Ochiai, Yuji Shima, Makoto Shirakawa

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A structural transition from the cubic anti-Th3P4 structure to the trigonal one has been found in the single crystal of Eu 4As3 as the temperature is decreased below 340 K. Anomalies in the structural, transport and thermal properties associated with this transition are very similar to those found in the charge ordering of Yb4As3 and Sm4Bi3. The absence of orbital moment for Eu2+ ions indicates that the orbital freedom plays no role in the charge ordering in Eu4As3. The ferromagnetic transition at 18 K is dominated by the exchange interaction between a divalent ion and a trivalent ion. We also discuss the role of the orbital freedom in the charge ordering of Eu4As3, Yb 4As3, and Sm4Bi3.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)3174-3181
Number of pages8
Journaljournal of the physical society of japan
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2003 Dec


  • Charge ordering
  • EuAs
  • Magnetic property
  • Transport property
  • YbAs

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