Takashi Nakamura, Yasuaki Ueda, Fumio Noguchi

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The influence of the measuring conditions on the photoacoustic spectra have been investigated by studying the Cr**6** plus transition spectrum observed in CaO-SiO//2-Al//2O//3 glasses doped with 0. 2 mol% Cr//2O//3. It was found that the phase differences between the locked-in amplifiers ( psi ) and the modulation frequency (w) are the important parameters. With psi equals pi /2 rad, the photoacoustic spectra are in good agreement with those obtained by conventional transmittance methods and intensities are maxima. Optical basicities of alkali silicate glasses and CaO-SiO//2-Al//2O//3 and Na//2O-SiO//2-Al//2O//3 glasses has been measured using Pb**2** plus as the indicator ion. The results obtained in alkali silicate glasses are in qualitative agreement with the theoretical values proposed by Duffy and Ingram, while the results of the ternary systems containing Al//2O//3 showed poor agreement with the theoretical values.

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PublisherMetallurgical Soc of AIME
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Publication statusPublished - 1984 Dec 1

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