Calculation of unsteady flowfield in expansion tube using contact surface resolving technique

Taku Nagata, Naofumi Ohnishi, Akihiro Sasoh, Keisuke Sawada

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Numerical simulation of unsteady flowfield in an expansion tube is carried out using a contact surface resolving technique for sharply capturing the contact surface between the driver gas and the test gas. The Navier-Stokes equations in the axisymmetric form with thermochemical nonequilibrium are solved. The numerical flux function at the boundary of coexisting region is modified by extrapolation with enforcing monotonicity. Calculated results show that the contact surface is sharply captured and the contamination of the test gas region due to driver gas is well suppressed. By capturing the contact surface sharply, the disturbance along the contact surface in the radial direction becomes evident in the computed results. An emergence of hydrodynamical instability is suggested. It is also found that the onset of the test time varies substantially because the high-temperature acceleration gas region is well captured when the contact surface is resolved sharply. This clearly suggests the importance of the present contact surface resolving technique.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages13
Publication statusPublished - 2005
Event43rd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit - Reno, NV, United States
Duration: 2005 Jan 102005 Jan 13


Other43rd AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting and Exhibit
Country/TerritoryUnited States
CityReno, NV

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