Biomimetic deposition of hydroxyapatite on a synthetic polypeptide with β sheet structure in a solution mimicking body fluid

Akari Takeuchi, Chikara Ohtsuki, Masanobu Kamitakahara, Shin Ichi Ogata, Toshiki Miyazaki, Masao Tanihara

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Deposition of a hydroxyapatite layer with similar structure to bone mineral is an attractive approach to the fabrication of bioactive coating layers to achieve direct bonding to living bone. To get successful coating of a hydroxyapatite layer on an organic polymer using a biomimetic solution, it is essential to find organic substrates that can effectively induce heterogeneous nucleation of hydroxyapatite after exposure to the body environment. Our previous study showed that sericin, a type of silk protein, has the ability to induce hydroxyapatite nucleation in a biomimetic solution when the sericin has a β sheet structure. To confirm the effectiveness of the β sheet structure in hydroxyapatite nucleation, we focused on investigating hydroxyapatite deposition on a synthetic polypeptide with a β sheet structure in a biomimetic solution. The β sheet forming polypeptides with and without carboxyl groups, poly(FE)3FG, poly(FQ)3FG, poly(LE)3LG and poly(LQ)3LG, were synthesized in this study. All the polypeptides had mainly β sheet structure. After soaking the polypeptide films in 1.5SBF, which has 1.5 times the inorganic ion concentrations of human blood plasma, hydroxyapatite formed on the surfaces of the polypeptides with carboxyl groups, poly(FE)3FG and poly(LE) 3LG, within 2 days, but not on those without carboxyl groups, poly(FQ)3FG and poly(LQ)3LG. We confirmed that the β sheet structure was effective for hydroxyapatite nucleation even in the synthetic polypeptide. This finding is useful for the future design of organic polymers that can effectively induce nucleation of hydroxyapatite.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)387-393
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2008 Jan
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