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For advances in any field of medicine, we need basic research as well as clinical research. Biomechanics, which is a category of basic research, has a long history and has developed with modern robotic, measurement, or image techniques. This chapter presents an up-to-date overview of biomechanical research on the shoulder. We focus on some pertinent topics discussed in recent meetings or articles and herein introduce the latest biomechanical studies, especially the matter at hand regarding the pathophysiology or surgical procedure described in recently published articles. Also, we selected the articles that had great clinical relevance and would give the readers useful information when considering the diagnosis, treatment, and surgical indication. Basic knowledge about shoulder biomechanics, which can be found in other books or review articles, is not described in this chapter; rather, new findings published for the past 10 years are presented. We believe this chapter would be useful for surgeons in daily practice.

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  • Biomechanics
  • Pathophysiology
  • Stability
  • Surgical procedure

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