Bimorph cantilevers actuated by focused laser from the side

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The thin and long bimorph cantilever is mechanically responded in motion depending on the position of the heating laser which is focused from the side. The bimorph cantilever was designed in order to detect the heat from a bio cell in liquid. In the calibration process of the cantilever using a focused laser in vacuum and air, we found the quick and interesting responses of bimorph cantilever, which is vibrated and statically deflected due to the position of the local heat source on the cantilever. The deflections of cantilever have been investigated with a developed model. The responses are expressed by the modeled system with heat loss condition into ambient. To define the temperature distributions on the cantilever using a model, the temperature increments at the end of cantilever are successfully estimated to be +20 K in air and +110 K in vacuum with a laser power of 0.17 mW.

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JournalIEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2011


  • Bimorph
  • Cantilever
  • Heat sensing

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