Bilayered microelectrodes based on electrochemically deposited MnO2/polypyrrole towards fast charge transport kinetics for micro-supercapacitors

Waqas Ali Haider, Liang He, Hameed A. Mirza, Muhammad Tahir, Aamir Minhas Khan, Kwadwo Asare Owusu, Wei Yang, Zhuqing Wang, Liqiang Mai

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Micro-supercapacitors (MSCs) are promising power solution facilities for miniaturized portable electronic devices. Microfabrication of on-chip MSC with high specific capacitance and high energy density is still a great challenge. Herein, we report a high-performance MnO2/polypyrrole (PPy) microelectrode based MSC (MnO2/PPy-MSC) by modern micromachining technology. Interdigital Au micro current collectors were obtained by photolithography, physical vapor deposition and lift off. A layer of PPy was electrochemically deposited on Au current collectors followed by deposition of urchin-like MnO2micro/nanostructures. The electrochemical performance of MnO2/PPy-MSC was explored employing LiClO4/PVA gel electrolyte. The assembled MSC demonstrated a high areal capacitance of 13 mF cm−2, an energy density of 1.07 × 10−3mW h cm−2and a power density of 0.53 mW cm−2. In addition, the MnO2/PPy-MSC showed an improved cycling stability, retaining 84% of the initial capacitance after 5000 CV cycles at a scan rate of 500 mV s−1. Our proposed strategy provides a versatile and promising method for the fabrication of high-performance MSCs with large-scale applications.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)18245-18251
Number of pages7
JournalRSC Advances
Issue number31
Publication statusPublished - 2020 May 13

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