Antimicrobial Activities of Cefuroxime and its Therapeutic Effects on Respiratory and Urinary Tract Infections

Akira Watanabe, Masako Sasaki, Seiichi Aonuma, Hideo Togashi, Kotaro Oizumi, Kiyoshi Konno

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    Nineteen strains of Klebsiella pneumoniae out of 23 clinical isolates were inhibited the growth by 3.13 to 6. 25 μg per ml of cefuroxime. Against these strains, the minimum inhibitory concentration of cefuroxime was higher than that of cefazolin by 1 or 2 dilutions and nearly equal to or slightly lower than that of cephalothin. Among 23 strains tested, a strain with high resistance to cephalothin and cefazolin (over 200 μg per ml) revealed to be sensitive to 6. 25 μg per ml of cefuroxime.Similarly, in vitro activity of cefuroxime against Klebsiella ozaenae was less than that of cefazolin, and almost equal to or slightly higher than that of cephalothin.Against Enterobacter aerogenes, cefuroxime, cefazolin and cephalothin showed almost the same degree of antimicrobial activity. The peak level of the MIC of cefuroxime against these strains was 3.13 μg per ml with an inoculum size of 105cells per ml.In contrast to cefazolin and cephalothin, the MIC of cefuroxime against Enterobacter cloacae was much lower with smaller inoculum size.Among cefazolin, cephalothin and cefuroxime, no difference was observed in the sensitivity of Escherichia coli.Against Staphylococcus aureus, the MIC of cefuroxime was higher than that of cefazolin and cephalothin.In order to evaluate the therapeutic effect of cefuroxime, 8 patients of respiratory tract-and 2 patients of urinary tract-infection were treated with cefuroxime by intravenous drip infusion of 0.75 g of the drug twice a day for 16 days on an average.Out of 8 cases of respiratory tract infection, excellent effect was obtained in 2 cases and good response in 5 cases. In a case of RTI, the therapeutic effect of cefuroxime was poor. As a whole, the efficacy rate of cefuroxime was 87. 5 percent in respiratory tract infection.In 2 cases of urinary tract infection treated with cefuroxime, both showed excellent therapeutic effect.Eight strains of potential pathogens were cultured from the specimens obtained from 10 patients prior to the start of cefuroxime administration, and 6 strains of them disappeared and the remaining 2 strains persisted at the end of drug administration.A slight elevation of serum transaminase level was noted in 1 case during the course of the treatment, though the value returned within normal range after the cessation of the drug administration.

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    Publication statusPublished - 1979 Jan 1

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