An adult case of severe chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection syndrome

H. Yamada, S. Kohno, H. Koga, K. Omagari, S. Maesaki, M. Kaku, K. Komatsu, K. Hara

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A 23-year-old man with persisting high fever developed hepatosplenomegaly, lymphadenopathy and massive pericardial effusion. Immunological examination revealed a marked elevation of anti-Epstein-Barr virus antibodies (anti-viral capsid antigens IgG-antibody 1:10,240, anti-early antigens-DR IgG-antibody 1:5,120), decreased activities of Epstein-Barr virus specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes, natural killer cells and lymphokine activated killer cells. A liver biopsy showed moderate sinusoidal lymphocytosis with punched-out lesions. These findings suggested severe chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection syndrome. The patient was treated with recombinant human interleukin-2, but it was discontinued because of an adverse reaction. Twelve months later, he died of suspected pulmonary infection.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1381-1386
Number of pages6
JournalInternal Medicine
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 1992


  • anti-Epstein-Barr virus antibodies
  • cytotoxic T lymphocyte
  • recombinant interleukin-2
  • steroid

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