Adsorption of Various Anions by Magnesium Aluminum Oxide of (Mg0.7Al0.3O1.15)

Tsugio Sato, Takayoshi Wakabayashi, Masahiko Shlmada

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    The anion adsorption behavior of Mg0.7AI0.3 O1.15 prepared by thermal decomposition of a hydrotalcite-like compound, mg0.7 Al0.3(OH)2(CO3)0.15-0.45H2O, was investigated at 80 °C with initial anion concentration in the solution of 500 ppm and the molar ratio ofMG0.15 to the anion of 2.5 times the stoichiometric amount shown in eq 2. Mg0.7AI0.3O1.5 is was synthesized by heating in the temperature range from 450 to 900 °C with Mg0.7AI0.3O1.5 (OH)2as the starting material. It could rapidly rehydrate and adsorb various anions to reconstruct the hydrotalcite-like structure. The degree of adsorption of divalent anions such as CrO42-, HPO42-, HV42-, SiO32-, HGaO32-, and SO42- was more than that of monovalent anions such as Cl- and MnO4-.

    Original languageEnglish
    Pages (from-to)89-92
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    JournalIndustrial and Engineering Chemistry Product Research and Development
    Issue number1
    Publication statusPublished - 1986

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