Additions and Corrections: A Weak Antiferromagnetic Interaction between Mn2+ Centers through a TCNQ Column: Crystal Structures and Magnetic Properties of [MnII(tpa)(TCNQ)(CH3OH)](TCNQ)2·CH3CN, [MnII(tpa)(µ-O2CCH3)]2(TCNQ)2·2CH3CN, and [MnII(tpa)(NCS)2]·CH3CN (tpa = Tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine) (Inorg. Chem. (1994) 33(17) (3848–3848))

Hiroki Oshio, Etsuo Ino, Iwao Mogi, Tasuko Ito

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Original languageEnglish
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JournalInorganic chemistry
Issue number17
Publication statusPublished - 1994 Aug 1
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