Abrasive wear diagram.

K. Kato, Kazuo Hokkirigawa

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In abrasive wear, three wear types - cutting, wedge and ploughing - were observed. The wear processes of these three types were observed microscopically with brass, S45C (0.45% carbon steel) and SUS304 (18 chromium-8 nickel austenitic stainless steel) in a scanning electron microscope in relation to load and frictional force. The degree of penetration Dp was introduced as an index to describe the severity of contact. The Abrasive Wear Diagram was proposed to show the possible region for each wear type of cutting, wedge or ploughing with the parameters of Dp and shearing strength at the contact interface. (A)

Original languageEnglish
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Subtitle of host publicationEUROTRIB 85, 4TH EUROPEAN TRIBOLOGY CONGRESS, (ECULLY, FRANCE: SEP. 9-12, 1985)
PublisherElsevier Sci.Publishers B.V
VolumeIV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Elsevier Sci. Publishers B.V., 1985, Section 5-3, 5p. (ISBN 0-444-99
ISBN (Print)0444995528, 9780444995520
Publication statusPublished - 1985 Jan 1
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