A novel type of human α-amylase produced in lung carcinoid tumor

Naohiro Tomita, Horii Akira, Doi Sadayuki, Yokouchi Hideoki, Shiosaki Kouichi, Higashiyama Masahiko, Matsuura Nariaki, Ogawa Michio, Mori Takesada, Matsubara Kenichi

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A novel type of α-amylase was detected in a lung carcinoid tissue after surveying the cDNA library constructed from this tumor mRNA. Nucleotide sequence analysis showed that the amylase expressed in this carcinoid tumor has 13 and 6 amino acid substitutions when compared with salivary amylase (Amy1) and pancreatic amylase (Amy2), respectively. The nucleotide sequence homologies of cDNAs between this carcinoid amylase and amy1, amy2 are 97.5% and 98.2%, respectively. The nucleotide sequence comparison strongly suggests that this new amylase is the product of the amy3 gene that has been detected in human genome [Emi et al., Gene 62 (1988) 229-235].

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)11-18
Number of pages8
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1989 Mar 15
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  • Kultschitzky cell
  • Recombinant DNA
  • amylase isozyme
  • cDNA
  • phage λ vectors

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