A BAC-based STS-content map spanning a 35-Mb region of human chromosome 1p35-p36

Ying Zhang Chen, Yasuhide Hayashi, Jian Guo Wu, Ei ichiro Takaoka, Kohei Maekawa, Naoki Watanabe, Johji Inazawa, Fumie Hosoda, Yasuhito Arai, Misao Ohki, Hiroshi Mizushima, Aiko Morohashi, Miki Ohira, Akira Nakagawara, Si Yuan Liu, Masato Hoshi, Akira Horii, Eiichi Soeda

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We have devised a mapping method for rapid assembly and ordering of bacterial artificial chromosome (BAA) clones on a radiation hybrid (RH) panel, using sequence-tagged sites (STSs) and PCR. The protocol consists of two rounds of two-dimensional screening from a limited number of BACs to correspond each to an STS. In the first round, STSs are assembled in the RH bins and ordered according to PCR signals derived from 384-well microtiter plates (MTPs) in which BAA clones have been arrayed. In the second round, individual BAA clones are isolated from the MTPs to build a contig. We applied this method to a 35-Mb region spanning human chromosome 1p35-p36 and assembled 1366 BACs in 11 contigs, the longest being about 20 Mb. The working draft sequences of the human genome have been integrated into the contigs to validate the accuracy.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)55-70
Number of pages16
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2001 May 15
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