3D observation of microphase-separated structures of a block copolymer in thin film

Ken Ichi Niihara, Ukyo Matsuwaki, Yukihiro Nishikawa, Hiroshi Jinnai, Naoya Torikai, Toshio Nishi

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Microphase-separated structures of a Poly(deuterated styrene-block-2- vinylpyridine) (dPS-b-P2VP) thin films were studied by transmission electron microtomography (TEMT) and neutron reflectivity (NR). Note that the dPS-b-P2VP shows cylindrical morphology in bulk state. The thin films were prepared by spin-coating on a Si substrate, and then annealed at 170°C for 14 days before the TEMT and NR experiments. Three-dimensional (3D) volume data was obtained by TEMT. The concentration profile of dPS in direction perpendicular to the substrate, i.e. depth profiles, was independently obtained from 3D volume data and from NR. Furthermore, the concentration profile obtained by TEMT was used as an initial guess in a model fitting of reflectivity profile. We examine the validity of such model fitting in the reflectivity measurements.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages1
Publication statusPublished - 2006 Oct 19
Externally publishedYes
Event55th SPSJ Annual Meeting - Nagoya, Japan
Duration: 2006 May 242006 May 26


Other55th SPSJ Annual Meeting


  • Block Copolymer
  • Neutron Reflectivity
  • Thin film(s)
  • Transmission Electron Microtomography

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